Natural Headache Relief

Here are a few tips that use herbal remedies for treating headache symptoms.

  • Raisins are also a quick remedy against headaches.
  • The herb, borage, is said to have properties that help in providing relief during headaches.
  • Violet tea is an effective cure for migraines.
  • Vervain is a plant that is used to cure headaches, if you suffer from chronic headaches, you should drink a cup of vervain tea everyday to ward off regular headaches.

You can also make your own herbal potion to cure headaches. Make a tea using valerian, skullcap, lemon balm and passion flower and drink at least one cup regularly. You can use lavender and mullein in your herbal tea. If you want something to soothe your muscles you could try adding chamomile, rosemary or mint.